The Benefits of Mortgage Pre-Approval

Looking for a home in North Conway, Bartlett, Jackson or other Mount Washington Valley area?

Mortgage pre-approval can give you an advantage in real estate transactions.

Here are eleven good reasons to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin looking for a new home:

  1. Pre ApprovedYou'll discover how much you can confidently offer when you find the right home.
  2. Pre-approval could open doors to homes & neighborhoods you didn’t realize you could afford.
  3. It will also save you time and effort by eliminating properties beyond your price range.
  4. Find out if you have any credit issues and clear up any problems before you get started.
  5. Learn your best financing options from a professional mortgage banker.
  6. Determine how much you’ll need for down payment and closing costs.
  7. Help you consider short and long-term financial goals, and select a loan to suit your needs.
  8. You can shop for a home with confidence, knowing you won’t be turned down for a loan.
  9. Pre-approval could help you win a bidding war against others who may not qualify.
  10. You will be considered a more serious homebuyer than someone who is “just looking”.
  11. Once you find a home, the mortgage process can proceed more quickly.

By Randy Guida, Residential Mortgage Services

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