Blog :: 10-2016

Return of the Pumpkin People

Jackson, NH is celebrating 31 years of “Return of the Pumpkin People” this October, and this year the whole Valley is getting on the bandwagon. Albany, Conway, and Bartlett, NH are joining in with over 60 different locations participating with local businesses and homeowners this year. The map (see link below) takes you all around the valley from Albany to Jackson, down West Side Road to Rt 16A in Intervale, NH. This is the perfect opportunity to draw visitors from all over to your home, and as an added bonus it is a fun way to get creative this fall! Even if your home or business isn’t on the official map, take a look at the map, is your home near other stops? It could be just the excuse a buyer needs to stop, and fall in love with your property.


Personally, Fall in New Hampshire is my favorite season. It’s the perfect opportunity to let mother nature do your decorating, and let the foliage speak for itself. With so many events going on throughout October and November, you can guarantee your property is getting a lot of traffic this season. Think of every visitor that drives by as a chance to present your home in its best light.


That’s where I come in. When a buyer drives by or stops to take pictures of the “Pumpkin People” they will notice the for sale signs in the neighborhood.

If they’re in the market and they fall in love, it is important that I make sure that your listing is up to date with professional seasonal photos. Even if the leaf peepers aren’t looking for a home, well -- word of mouth is still advertising, and it’s the best kind!


Be sure to check the local newspaper, and take a look of all of the events going on in town in October and November. A massive amount of tourists are here for a few more weeks so take advantage of it, and have some fun while you do it!

(2016 Pumpkin People Map)