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Great News for Sellers of NH Single Family Homes

Pear Forest House - JtRealtyThe Carroll County Market Report for June 2015 is great news for sellers of Single Family Homes! Sales for the month were up 24.4% compared to a year ago, with the number increasing from 90 to 112. The median sales price held steady at $187,450, a modest .8% increase, while there was a huge 74.3% increase in sales volume to $36.2 million as compared to $20.7 million last June.  Pending sales look especially promising, up 37.7% to 106 over last June's 77 pending sales.

The condo market saw a drop in the number of closed sales of 21.1% for the month of June. However, news remains great for the higher end condo market as the median sales price of $165,500 represented an impressive 38% increase over the median of $119,900 last year. Year-to-date sales volume in the condo market remains strong with a 9.6% increase.

Our peak selling season in Northern New Hampshire is now through the end of October. With interest rates remaining low, it is the right time to list your property if you want a sale by year-end.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the real estate market in general or if you would like specifics on your own property.

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    Homes That Inspire Us

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    24 Birch Ledge Road in Bartlett, NHOne month into my real estate job and already I'm in trouble. You see I have been afflicted with the, "I want that house syndrome."  If you have ever worked in real estate you know what I'm talking about. As you approach the home from the road you start calculating in your head, "If I sell my house, my rental property and my cars, I could buy this house!"

    In some ways I blame my parents. When I was a little girl I remember Saturdays as the day we would go house hunting, all loaded up in the car with the newspaper and a map.  Back then I lived in a decidedly middle class suburb of Washington, D.C. in a modest home bought by my parents at the start of their careers. 10 years in and my Dad had become a CEO so out we went to trade up the housing ladder. Weeks of open houses took me to Colonials, French Provincials, Brick Tudors, Cape Cod style homes, new construction home models - you name it - we saw it all and in the process I was hooked.

    To me it was better than an amusement park. Because every time I walked into a house I would envision how I would make it my own. Before the days of reality TV shows and computer games, as kids we used our own imagination to travel to other places and dream of what could be. As adults, the interior design of our homes, the outside architecture, the perennial gardens, and the neighborhoods we live in help define who we are and how we want to live in so many ways.

    A recent trip to one of Joy Tarbell's new listings at 24 Birch Ledge Road in Bartlett, NH brought me back to the, "I want that house" days of my youth. As I drove up the nicely paved roads of the beautiful development of the Ledges of Birch Bend community and saw the house peeking out from the trees I thought to myself, now that is a dream home.

    In looking at the pictures of the home you would probably think it was the great room with the stone fireplace and cathedral ceilings, the gourmet kitchen, the sunroom or the open floorplan that would get my imagination going. But that wasn't it. Truth be told it was actually an unobtrusive plaque in the ground by the entry proclaiming that the grounds were a "Certified Wildlife Habitat."  

    You can change a lot of certified wildlife habitat sign in the woodsthings about your home but you can't change the location. As I walked to the door and saw the beautifully landscaped yard surrounded by mature trees, an open field, native plants and annuals in beautiful containers, I was immediately curious about this designation and what it actually meant. You can go online to the National Wildlife Federation Website and learn more but what it essentially says is that you certify that your landscape provides food, water, cover, nesting areas and a healthy habitat for local wildlife.

    The easiest way to do this is by practicing sustainable gardening with use of native plants, water conservation and avoiding chemicals that can disrupt the natural balance of the ecosystem.  The National Wildlife Federation reports that to date over 400,000 people have participated in the Garden for Wildlife program. When I got home I immediately went online and answered all the questions required to achieve this designation. I was thrilled to learn my home met the criteria and look forward to proudly displaying my plaque when it arrives. More importantly, however, the money sent to the National Wildlife Federation will help them continue their mission, "to protect wildlife and habitat and inspire the next generation of conservationists."

    At JtRealty we operate in a paperless office environment and we are committed to supporting organizations and individuals that do their part in helping reduce their footprint on the earth. To learn more about the home that inspired us this week click on the link below.

    MLS 4441948 24 Birch Ledge Rd Bartlett NH

    GORGEOUS contemporary Adirondack home in beautifully landscaped, certified wildlife habitat surroundings.Field of Dreams contemporary Adirondack home in Bartlett, NHGORGEOUS contemporary Adirondack home in beautifully landscaped, certified wildlife habitat surroundings.






    Great Room Great View of contemporary Adirondack home in Bartlett, NHGourmet Kitchen in contemporary Adirondack home in Bartlett, NHOpen Floor Plan for Entertaining in contemporary Adirondack home in Bartlett, NH