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Mobile technology - A blessing and a curse!

Yesterday it finally happened - my phone broke. I had some warning - the touch screen started jumping around earlier in the day. I ignored the screen movement secretly hoping the phone fairies would magically fix the problem. No such luck. By 5pm I knew the phone was a goner.
After work, I sped to the phone store. I was not the only one there in a worked-up state over a broken phone. The lady in front of me pleaded with the salesperson "you don't understand - I need to have my phone!" Although I had insurance, somehow I knew getting a new phone would be a challenge. And it was. After waiting in line - the representative handed me a pamphlet - call this number and they will send you a new phone. He said this with a straight face - hello - I don't have a working phone. After a great deal of effort, I was able to order a replacement phone online. 
Every day I see our clients clinging to their smart phones like a lifeline. One of the great things about looking for a home today is that you can access everything while you’re in the car. Not while driving of course. More buyers are starting their search on a mobile device. Our mobile site has been out there for a year now, with “Property Search” prominently featured. Here are my favorite real estate apps: is a good site if you know what you want in a home. You can find the home to meet your specific needs, from lot features, amenities, square footage - right down to the home’s flooring. These search features and the volume of available listings are by far this website’s strongest assets. - Most know Yelp as a tool to find restaurants, hotels and gas stations. But it also is a great way to find local real estate companies. Yelp maps out the locations of real estate companies and provides reviews as well. is easy to use and provides great visuals.  Trulia is big on providing lots of interior and exterior photos of its properties, and excels in the slideshow function. A prospective buyer can see every detail of what they’re browsing.
Homesnap is a bit more creative than some of the others, allowing users to find out more about places they already like. Snap a photo with Homesnap and it will give you the location on your Mt Washington Valley dream home. You mean it costs, HOW MUCH!? Now that the housing market is coming back, this app helps you identify which properties have good "investment potential" and shows you homes that you'll be able to flip.
Now that you've found an awesome home, Zillow Mortgages is an app that helps you figure out whether you can pay for it. Look at the "affordability calculator." Find out everything you need to know from loan term to lender fees, before you make the call. Talk about a time saver.
When my husband and I were getting ready to purchase our home in Glen, nearly the entire transaction involved electronic signing. Docusign allows you to securely sign and manage documents online from any device with the most widely used e-signature solution.
And don’t forget the AutoSearch in our MLS. It may not be an app, but if you register with JtRealty and save your favorite listings, you can get email updates when new properties match your search criteria.
As a seller, you can get feedback from showings without waiting for the agent to get back to the office. And the paperwork? Well, just sign electronically. The mobile process makes everything so much easier. 
I've managed to get through today without my cell. While the world did not collapse there is a void. Apparently I have muscle memory for texting as I reached for my phone several times. Mobile technology is much more of a blessing than a curse!

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