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Digging in .... learning to garden in the Mount Washington Valley

NH patioLast summer my husband Mark and I were invited to our neighbor's home for a cookout. Jackie and Lloyd are an active retired couple. Lloyd was a Merchant Marine and Jackie was a teacher.
Jackie gave us a tour of her garden - it was paradise. Jackie had rows of box gardens, each box brimming with vegetables or flowers.
You could live off the land! 
I've lived the past 2 decades pretty much a city gal - until we moved to Glen last May. When we bought our house there was still snow on the ground.
We had no idea what we actually had as a lawn. We were thrilled by what was revealed after the snow melted. The previous owner was a landscape contractor - we had flowers! Last summer, my husband and I had a ritual in which we would "walk the grounds" at dusk. Saying "walk the grounds" would crack us up - as though we were British snobs like in Downton Abbey! But whether its a home like ours, or a more grand estate, it's a great way to end the day.NH backyard
We have a friend, Chris, who is a police captain in Massachusetts and has a second home in North Conway. Chris is passionate about gardening (and cooking) and he always has fresh vegetables on hand. Chris is also a strong believer in the healing power of herbs. 
I thought he might have gone too far when he proudly showed me he had garlic bandaged on his thumb as a remedy for a nail fungus. "This works great and didn't cost me anything," he said. While I heartily support Chris's frugal ways - there's a place to draw the line. I think, first I wouldn't say I had a nail fungus, but if I did I'd spring for the $5 remedy at CVS. 
This spring, inspired by Jackie's green thumb, I plan to garden. My experience with gardening is pretty much limited to what I see on TV and the occasional basil plant I keep in the kitchen.  I have zero clue about when to plant or how to plan. But that's what Youtube is for! 
My boss, Joy, has a green thumb. I'm thrilled that I've managed to keep the office plants alive! Spring brings new beginnings - from the ground up.

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