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3D Virtual Property Tours Are Now available in the Mt Washington Valley!


...And our company is the first to implement them in marketing our luxury homes!

3D Real Estate Tours North Conway NHHome sellers and buyers of million dollar properties have super busy lives. Many of my clients juggle homes on multiple coasts and spend in Europe and the Caribbean. When shopping for a vacation property, or another primary home they often have limited availability to preview the property before making an offer. As a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and a long-time seller of distinctive homes, I understand how important it is to provide an extraordinary experience to meet the goals of these very busy, and often very discerning buyers.  

I have written in previous blogs about the benefits of global marketing in attracting international buyers to luxury homes. I have also stressed just how important professional photography can be in attracting interested Buyers to listed properties. In that regard, when you are working with large, unique properties, a flat dimension photograph is sometimes just not enough. So I went in search of other ways to help showcase my most unique listings.

Through my contacts at Keller Williams, I discovered the 3D Virtual Tour, and am the first Realtor to introduce this new marketing concept to the Mount Washington Valley.  The Matterport 3D Virtual Tour transforms the property preview experience.

Only JT Realty / KW Lakes & Mountains is using this powerful marketing tool. The tour starts in the interior of the home. You use your mouse to “walk through” each room, zooming in and panning out, and spinning to 360 degrees. You can climb the stairs and enter each room just as if you were on the ground, touring the property itself. It’s a very cool feature.

I decided to put it to work first on a $1,575,000 luxury log home new to market. This home was built by NH Log and Timber Homes for the Builder’s own use. It is an amazing property with over 5700 SF and views to the ski trails on Attitash which are just minutes away.

Click HERE to enjoy the very first 3D Tour offered in the Mount Washington Valley.

For a limited time, a 3D Tour will be provided for all exclusive home listings of $1,000,000 or more. Contact me today for a copy of our marketing presentation, including details on how you can get a Matterport 3D Tour of your home when you list with us.

To Learn More About This Luxury Log Home

456 Glen Ledge Road, Bartlett, NH. Click HERE

456 Glen Ledge Rd Bartlett NH 03812Luxury Log Home

Joy Tarbell's Market Report - August 2015

Dear Clients & Friends,

Mount Washington Valley, NH condo market continues to growThis business is so much more fun when I have good news to report …
The Carroll County Market Report YTD through August 2015 shows the number of single family home sales up almost 11%, median home prices up 8% to $200,000 and the days on market down 5% -- yes!  With pending sales also up over 10%, everything is moving in the right direction.

Not to be left out, the condo market continues with even more good news: the median sales price YTD through August 31, is up 21% to $175,000.  Sales Volume is up 26%, plus pending sales are up almost 10%.

We have seen a steady flow of buyers in the marketplace in the past few weeks and have been especially busy with calls and showing requests.  Not everyone will be at the Fryeburg Fair this week!  Foliage is peaking late this year which should bode well for the number of visitors we have to the Valley.

NH Market Report August 2015

If you’d like specific info on your own community, shoot me an email. We just merged with Keller Williams Lakes & Mountains, giving me more time to focus on my personal clients. I’m here for you!

Warmest Regards,

Joy Tarbell, CLHMS, CRS, GRI

Countess Mara ... The Stone House legend in Intervale, NH


Designed ties for stars, became an actress, married 5 times and called Bartlett home for many years


You’ve no doubt noticed this grand, gorgeous property behind the gate on Hurricane Mountain Road in Intervale. Especially this time of year, either going to Fryeburg or to hike Black Cap. Each time you pass the home – you’re passing by a piece of Mt Washington Valley history. Within the wrought iron gates of 361 Hurricane Mountain Road lies The Stone House, former residence of Countess Mara de Bninski. This is a woman who lived life to the fullest – and some of it right here in Intervale.

Countess Mara began life as Lucilla Mara de Vescovi, born in Rome, Italy in 1893. She was the daughter of a professor at the University of Rome. She married Malcolm Whitman, an American singles tennis champion in 1926. The couple made their home in New York City. Four years later, Lucilla found she had a flair for making mens’ dress ties. She discovered her talent after a “flair up” with her husband. The couple had an argument about Whitman’s “dull” ties and she created a silk dress tie.

After Whitman’s death in 1932, Lucilla travelled throughout Europe, where she purchased fabrics and brought them back to New York with the intention of launching a career making men's ties.  While she was in Europe, Lucilla, a talented woman, appeared in several films that were filmed in Paris.


Following her return to New York, Lucilla de Vescovi Whitman founded her men's upscale neckwear company in 1935. That’s when she branded herself "Countess Mara". Pretty good marketing for back in the day. There was some family history as royalty however. Her mother was born Baroness Elizabeth deGleria, of Trieste, and her maternal grandmother was a Hungarian countess, Maria Hatvany. 

Countess Mara was a natural business woman and her company thrived. In 1944 Countess Mara was awarded the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in recognition of the influence her ties had had upon fashion. One of the most famous wearers of Countess Mara neckwear was Frank Sinatra.                                                                                                                         

Countess Mara became an official countess when she married her fifth husband, Count Victor Vitold Jean Maria Bnin-Bninski, a Polish nobleman. Thus the transformation into Countess Mara Mathilde DeBninski.

The countess apparently loved New England – and especially homes made of stone. Castles, no doubt, held a certain appeal to this woman of many talents. She bought the Wentworth Castle in Jackson in 1959. Countess Mara then hired 30 workers to restore the castle to its former beauty. After the 2 year project was complete, the Countess made the castle her home.

Countess Mathilde Mara De Bninski, a socialite, businesswoman and philanthropist, died Dec. 22, 1996, in Bartlett. She was 96.

Many thanks to Warren Schomaker of the Jackson Historical Society for his generous contribution in providing the Wentworth Castle information. 

Gather around the campfire But sleep in a comfy bed


Imagine the family gathering around the fire telling ghost stories, cooking over the open flame and pitching the tents - the joys of camping!

For many Massachusetts families, coming to the Mount Washington Valley to go camping  is indeed a ritual of family bonding. I know - we were such a family, as are many of our friends. We made our first trip when our youngest was 2, the oldest was 12. My husband was excited as we packed up the 4 kids, the gear and sped off to Mt Washington Valley from Beverly, MA. "Haven't you done enough camping during your Army stints?" I asked. Mark looked at me "but this is fun camping. You'll love it."

At White Lake State Park campground in Tamworth we unpacked our gear and I learned how to pitch a tent. The kids loved it! Off they went to swim and explore. We had hot dogs & mac n cheese (fun to cook over the open flame - not fun to clean up after) and we told scary campground stories after dark. Days 1-3 were pretty much idyllic.

Then it rained - not fun. Our oldest, Ryan, in a desperate move to self-entertain grabbed my copy of The Da Vinci code and finished it by the end of the day.

I learned later, from my girlfriends, that the secret to camping is this: stay for the fun stuff then leave! Or - get a good night's sleep - not on an air mattress or, worse, a sleeping bag - stay in the family cabin. It turns out many of our friends have either inherited camps or bought cabins - greatly enhancing both the number of trips to MWV and the quality of the trips.

JtRealty agent David Emmet was jubilant about leaving for his upcoming camping trip, heading out with a group of friends. I asked David what he liked best about camping. "For me, I guess, it's getting away from the grind for a couple of days and watching the seasons turn. We fish for Brook Trout, eat great food. We burn enough wood to heat a normal house for a week, and sleep under the stars. Or in my case, in the back of my Suburban," said David, an avid outdoorsman with a great appreciation for nature.

But he also knows the value of not sleeping on the ground!


New NH Kitchen Fires up Interest in Cooking

Can a great kitchen produce a great cook? Beats me, but I think so.

Bartlett NH Dining RoomTraditionally, I've been an efficient but not a great cook. My strength was in running a short order operation in our former kitchen. While the 4 kids were growing up, they each had different tastes, each had a different schedule depending on sports. My husband worked crazy hours (police, National Guard), I worked crazy hours (news editor, private detective) so chaos generally reigned.
I'm not proud of this, but there were a few times when I ventured into my husband's Army bag and tossed the kids an MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) for dinner. A delicate balance of desperation (no shopping time!) and an attempt at good parenting - I'd make it kind of a game with the kids.
KitchenThe kids loved the MREs and they were sad to see the practice end when I glanced at the calorie count. Yikes! They are designed for sustainance during war conditions after all!
But on holidays, like Easter that's coming up, we always made a point to be together and eat dinner in the dining room. If my husband was home, we cooked the meal together. Our former kitchen was cramped and it was a delicate dance to not jostle into each other.
My husband, Mark, rebuilt the kitchen when we bought our home in The Mount Washington Valley this May. It's not fancy (no stainless appliances) but, to us, it's fantastic. We have been enjoying the company of our Massachusetts friends visiting us often - usually staying for dinner.
Husband CookingThey've noticed a change in me. Mostly they mock my new interest in cooking. "Are those flowers on the table? Have you turned into Martha Steward? This actually tastes good (with shocked expression)!"

Quite frankly, I'm surprised how much I enjoy the experience. Maybe a basic in learning to cook is to actually spend time in the kitchen. Perhaps a pleasing ambiance can draw out a talent that you might not know existed.
Bon Appetit!


Dogs are ready to roll in The Mount Washington Valley

As spring comes into play - the doggies are ready to get outside as much as we are.

The Mount Washington Valley area offers many pet friendly options. You can take your best friend to say, Wildcat Inn, in Jackson, NH and sit outside in the relaxing garden. 
While Fido meets other pooches, you can enjoy a glass of wine and an appetizer. Sue, the manager, is especially attentive to the doggies. Our son, Alex, (left) brought Ranger to Wildcat Tavern/Restaurant to say hello. Ranger will be pleased when the back garden is open for business.
A great place to walk your dog, Jackson is known as a super dog-friendly town. 
Over at Eastern Slope Inn, located in the heart of North Conway, there's a sort of secret side garden located outside. It's a great place to gather and dogs are allowed!
After a day of skiing at Attitash my best friend, Ranger, us as we sat outside. What a perfect combination - mountains & man's best friend.

Cherish Winter Memories - & Be Smart - Buy in Bartlett, NH

This is the time of year you hear a lot of winter whining.

  • I can't wait for this to be over....
  • I'm sick of winter!
  • This is miserable, I hate it. I wish I was in Florida...

I say, it's a long winter, make the most of it. Between us, my husband and I have 4 children. We both worked hard and time with the kids was scarce. What we all loved doing, however, was skiing. An expensive sport, sure, but we found ways to make it affordable.

My husband and/or I would bust the kids out of school during the weekday - as long as their grades were good - and head north for the day. This was heavily frowned on in Massachusetts - even if the student's grades were A's - so we had to get creative with our lies as for why they weren't in school that day.

We saved for February vacations and all of the inevitable torture. Putting on the ski boots, renting equipment - the forms, lines! Then helping to shove little feet into the boots which often led to tears.

We gave up other things so each of the kids attended ski school. The age is usually 3 years old. We once tried, and I'm not proud of this, to sneak our youngest in before 3. "He's 3?" we were asked by a keen-eyed, skeptical instructor. "He's small for his age," was our cowardly reply.

It worked out okay, though. Alex, now 15, is on the Kennett High Alpine Team, so the trauma couldn't have been so bad.

Skiing was the basis for our best family memories. Those trips bonded us and we hope, will continue when we have grandchildren.

We should have forecasted ahead financially. For all the money we spent on hotel rooms, we should have bought a condo. There's so much available, at various prices, all close to Cranmore and Attitash. These two properties below are in Bartlett. For those of us from Massachusetts - you won't believe the low taxes in Bartlett!

9C River Run - Condo - $129,000.
Imagine dinner around a warm fireplace. And the kids can bring their friends. This condo sleeps 12.

193 Skyline Drive - Single Family - $250,000. Ideal for a home to eventually retire to - with a second living area for extended family.

All of our children are now grown, Alex, 15, being the youngest. They all thrived from the challenges they faced on the slopes. The pulling oneself out of a ditch, struggling to get their equipment back on after a fall. The thrill of tackling a difficult trail.

A couple of nights ago, I called Lauren, 23, who lives in San Francisco.  I asked her if the Pineapple Express - the drenching rain that's pounding the West coast - is making life tough. "Please Mom, I lived in Maine for 4 years. This is nothing. People actually didn't come in to work today - because it's raining! What a bunch of wimps."




2014's Hottest Neighborhoods in Mount Washington Valley, NH

We keep a close eye on what's selling and what's not. Here's our opinion on the best-selling markets in 2014:

Nordic Village: This upscale Glen (Bartlett) NH resort saw huge market improvements in 2014. There were 9 sales, from a one-bedroom condo all the way up to a large two-bedroom lockout. This means a big range of styles and prices. 2014 sales more than doubled 2013 sales!  This ate up a great deal of the inventory there, so this first quarter should see some great activity!

Mountainside on Attitash: This luxury trailside condo development soared this year. There were five sales, which was more than the two prior years combined! The ski-in ski-out convenience and spacious layouts of the development must have been a huge draw. With little inventory on the market as of January 2015 and a big demand, things should heat up nicely for Mountainside sellers in 2015.Attitash Mountain in Bartlett, NH

River Run: When it comes to Attitash, River Run is the most affordable way to own a year-round vacation home as close to trailside as possible ... it's across the street from the base lodge! With a slew of amenities, there's always something to do there. There was 9 sales in 2014, in a range of sizes and prices. That's 33% more than 2013!

Ledges of Birch Bend: This luxury community sits high up off of Glen Ledge Road in Glen. After a sleepy couple of years, the $500,000 price point performed well in this neighborhood, a mix of new construction and resale homes. Demand should be just as strong in 2015.

So what's in store for 2015? Our predictions are that River Run will continue to perform well, since there's still a lot of inventory on the market and people are buying there. The luxury market was strong last year and will continue to grow. Look for more activity in Hale's Location Country Club and Mountainside on Attitash. We also think developments like Cathedral Trail at Attitash and Cranmore Birches will make it back to the top of buyers' lists.

For more info on these or any other properties, please email Info@JtRealty.com or call (603) 356-7200.