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Return of the Pumpkin People

Jackson, NH is celebrating 31 years of “Return of the Pumpkin People” this October, and this year the whole Valley is getting on the bandwagon. Albany, Conway, and Bartlett, NH are joining in with over 60 different locations participating with local businesses and homeowners this year. The map (see link below) takes you all around the valley from Albany to Jackson, down West Side Road to Rt 16A in Intervale, NH. This is the perfect opportunity to draw visitors from all over to your home, and as an added bonus it is a fun way to get creative this fall! Even if your home or business isn’t on the official map, take a look at the map, is your home near other stops? It could be just the excuse a buyer needs to stop, and fall in love with your property.


Personally, Fall in New Hampshire is my favorite season. It’s the perfect opportunity to let mother nature do your decorating, and let the foliage speak for itself. With so many events going on throughout October and November, you can guarantee your property is getting a lot of traffic this season. Think of every visitor that drives by as a chance to present your home in its best light.


That’s where I come in. When a buyer drives by or stops to take pictures of the “Pumpkin People” they will notice the for sale signs in the neighborhood.

If they’re in the market and they fall in love, it is important that I make sure that your listing is up to date with professional seasonal photos. Even if the leaf peepers aren’t looking for a home, well -- word of mouth is still advertising, and it’s the best kind!


Be sure to check the local newspaper, and take a look of all of the events going on in town in October and November. A massive amount of tourists are here for a few more weeks so take advantage of it, and have some fun while you do it!

(2016 Pumpkin People Map)

It's a Dog's Life in The Mount Washington Valley

We took a Buyer out the other day to look at condos. He had up to $150,000 to spend and wanted a full amenity resort with a strong rental program in Bartlett or Jackson. Both River Run Condos and Nordic Village had properties that met his criteria, with successful onsite rental income systems.  Plus, they have swimming pools indoors and out, tennis courts, basketball and walking trails, and much more. River Run is across the street from Attitash Ski Area, and Nordic Village is in between Attitash and Wildcat Mountain, with over 100 acres for recreating on site. In the end it came down to one small, furry, tail wagging, people-loving detail ... Nordic Village allows owners to bring their pets and River Run Condos do not, and that is all it took to make up this Buyer's mind.

When it comes to houses, dog amenities are important too. A pet door, a yard, a fenced-in dog run, proximity to walking trails, all these extras mean a lot to a buyer with a dog or two. Especially since the number of dog owners in this country has risen in the last decade from 54% to 63%.

As a long time dog owner myself, I understand that dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family. Our office in North Conway is home to agents whose families include a Boxer/Shar Pei, Hound Dog, Rottweiler, Black Lab, Belgian Tervuren, Husky, Dalmatian, and of course my loveable Golden Retriever mixed-breed rescue dog, Skye, adopted 12 years ago from the Conway Area Humane Society. We take our dogs hiking, they sit outside with us at Frontside Grind or The Met while we sip coffee and people-watch; they make new friends in Schouler Park and they visited Four Your Paws Only in North Conway for Puppy Playtime when they were young. When we have a particularly long day of showings and listing appointments we load them up in the car for a special treat - Doggie Day Care at Karla's Pet Rendezvous or an on off the leash, spin around in circles, excited-to-go hike with the K9 Mountaineering Club. On our free days we take them with us to the beach, for a hike in the woods, or climb up our abundant mountain terrain - Black Cap is my fave. Never a day goes by when I don't see dogs--many dogs--out and about with their owners in the Mount Washington Valley.

We live and work where we love to play. If you are thinking of moving to the Valley, or owning a vacation home that welcomes dogs, no worries. You and your dog will fit right in!


City Girl Meets NH/Maine Country Living

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Arriving in D.C. after college I settled in Georgetown in an historic townhouse shared by two of my Tulane classmates. One night we were startled by the crash of glass as an intruder smashed through the French doors and started upstairs towards our rooms. I awoke and screamed and off he ran. A month later I had moved into a modern, high story condo in the heart of the city with a secure entrance and modern amenities; not exactly my style but I felt safe.
Fryeburg MaineYears later I find myself owning an 1855 farmhouse in Fryeburg, Maine. Far removed from the city, I still lock my doors from force of habit but I feel safe and secure in my small town of 3000 people where every house on our block has a dog and every neighbor is a built in security force reporting on anything out of the ordinary. Over the past 15 years I have had neighbors return our wandering dog, report on our fence blown down in a storm, and tell stories of the black bears they saw in our apple tree, ripping off the branches to get to the fruit.
Until I moved to the Mount Washington Valley I had not experienced small town life. As a big city girl the places where I had lived were not communities where everyone knows your name. A curt nod, a hurried hello, a smile as you rushed through your day. Like so many before me I left behind hectic city living to experience a different lifestyle, in a real community.
Mount Washington from North Conway Village NHAs I drive to work at JtRealty I often choose to drive straight up Route 16. There is nothing quite like the view of Mount Washington as you head straight into North Conway Village. Every time I see it I take a breath and say out loud, “Yeah, I live Here!” I stop off at Frontside Grind in the Village for an Iced Mocha and greet other locals as they queue up and peruse The Conway Daily Sun, the local free paper that is a must read for visitors and locals alike. During my lunch break you can often find me nearby at the Local Grocer, a fabulous organic market where they greet me by name and have my order in before I reach the counter. On the way back to Fryeburg I watch as the border collies train in the field with a herd of sheep before I stop off at Weston’s Farm for freshly picked, locally grown vegetables. In the evening we sit on the patio and grill all summer long, greeting our neighbors as they walk by with dogs and kids on bikes who we have watched grow up over the years. 
The Mount Washington Valley is known as a resort town where people from all over the world come to play. But what most people don’t realize is we are also a series of small, close knit communities. Where neighbors look after neighbors and where each family’s joys and sorrows are felt throughout the community.
If you live in a city and are not sure small town life is for you, give me or one of our JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside Agents a call. We would love to share with you why we love where we live and work.  And why small town living just may be the life you have always looked for.

Click on the photos below to learn more about some of our country living listings.

119 Fish Street Fryeburg Maine

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