Birch Hill - North Conway, NH

"Birch Hill is the perfect community."

Nicole says...

As a woman, mother, wife, business professional, and aspiring runner I can say without a doubt Birch Hill is one of the best communities in the Mount Washington Valley.  The streets meander through neighborly areas that are a throw-back to simpler times when you could play outside until your mother called you in for dinner. You know your neighbors, have play-dates, carpool to gymnastics and do the quintessential summer barbeque.  There’s something for everyone! Having a sense of community is one of the most important basics we learn in childhood.

Clearing lots at Birch HillAs my husband claims, being outside is important to him and many other men as well. I do agree that Birch Hill has the landscape to inspire you to get outside while running, biking or hiking the tree line of Birch Hill.  In all seriousness, Birch Hill is the perfect community.

It’s just far enough from town to give you the sense of space yet close enough to not dread the trip to the store for that forgotten gallon of milk. 

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