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Teach the Next Generation to Fish: Waterfront Now $199,900

David Emmet wrote last week about fishing native Brook Trout in Mt. Washington Valley on waterways such as the Ellis, Swift, and the Rocky Branch. Fishing is part past-time and part artistry, but I am adamant that every kid should learn how to fish for several reasons: 1) a kid that catches a fish will soon consider habitat and what sustains that fish, stewardship   2) a kid that catches a fish learns compassion in release or taking the fish home to cook in the fry pan, respect for life  3) now you put a kid into a boat to fish alone and you've created independence, self reliance.

We are blessed here in Mt. Washington Valley to have fish and water in nearly every direction. Some folks are even lucky enough to step out their front door, push a canoe or dory into the water and begin casting in the early morning or with the evening sun. The sellers of 49 Little Shore on Pea Porridge Pond had just those ideas in mind -- quiet waterfront weekends and long summer days.

New Price $199,000. For more information please enter your name and email below --

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