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Fishing in the Mt Washington Valley - A Tale of a Trout

sacoriverIf people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.  ~Doug Larson

I took the time to make the beautiful ride from North Conway up through Pinkham Notch and  through 13 Mile Woods last week. Passing Wildcat Mountain and Mount Washington along the way, this scenic byway meanders along the Androscoggin River and provides not only wonderful landscapes, but continued opportunities to stop along the river to fish.

While saltwater fishing is my true passion, the chance to wet a line and get waist deep in moving water always recharges my soul and brings back fond memories of trout fishing with my grandfather.

Packing a small bamboo Orvis 4 weight rod and a Pflueger Medalist reel, I checked the water and noticed a small cadis emerge on the riffle line below a small eddy. It quickly disappeared with a quick splash from a trout.

Some years back I was fortunate to have had several boxes of flies and various fly fishing paraphernalia gifted to me by an old friend of the family, Otis Barber. His well worn hand crafted tackle box filled with years of accumulated goodness were handed down through his son, Norman. Norman knew me as a fisherman and wanted this tackle to go to a good home. It did. I had a great replica of the hatch in my hand, and remembered it probably is a good idea to have glasses with me these days when trying to tie a 4 weight tippet on to a size 22 dry fly.

After finally threading the needle, I presented the fly upstream and away, and let the drift do all the work. It only took four casts before the first of several trout came to net for the day.

Whether you choose the Ellis, The Swift, The Rocky Branch or the mighty Saco River, or Conway Lake, Silver Lake or Mountain Pond, the fishing waters of the Mt Washington Valley provide every aspect of the joys that fishing allow. Morning solitude, exercise and the company of a fishing friend, or not. The fishing is always excellent in New Hampshire, and sometimes you even catch a fish.

If you want to find the ultimate fishing getaway, contact me and we'll find it!

-David Emmet

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  1. Nate Hill on

    Just stumbled upon this. It is good to see someone promoting the fishing resources available in the White Mountains.

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