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Basement Finishing Advice

Finishing a basement is a great way to increase living area and add to the value of your property. 

Outline a Plan

How would you like the room to function, what would you use it for?  Maybe a home office, workout room, game room, bedroom or extra space for storage?  Knowing what you want to use the room for will help you plan it's construction.  Consider the configuration based on that function and include enough space for furniture, equipment, and storage. If using a local contractor, review your ideas and request input from them on floor plan, materials, and other considerations.  Are you planning a game room with a full-size pool table?  You'll want to make sure that the table fits and still have enough room to make that perfect shot!

Finishing a basement involves more than just adding walls

Basements typically house heating and other systems for your home that could impact where walls and finished ceilings are constructed.  Inspect electrical and other mechanical components that may affect the space. Understanding all of the systems and its impact on the project will help you better budget for the renovation.

Choose Appropriate Building Materials for the Conditions

Basements are unlike upper levels in a home because they are below ground level. A knowledgeable builder can help explain any special building material needs to you.  One consideration may be moisture and an easy fix for that can be as simple as installing a dehumidifier.  

Plan Ahead for best results

Like any construction project, whether new construction or finishing a basement, plan ahead for best results.  Careful planning of the space and materials will help minimize future issues and promote solid construction of a fun space to enjoy for years to come.  Contact us for advice on how much a finished basement will add value to your home and keep that information in mind as you budget for the renovation.

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