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What's the Junk in Your Trunk?

Personal Questions and Answers from Ryan the Realtor

 I am not talking about your bootie, but rather examining the quality of one's life by the junk in the back of your vehicle that allows you to get outside and do your groove thing. While Ryan the Realtor at 35 years of age still asks big questions of himself, "What is the meaning of life grasshopper? Am I living to my full potential? Am I the type of man my children can admire?"

When dark days of contemplation fall I am reminded of the junk in my trunk, literally. Let me paint a scenario from Thursday of this week about the Man-Van and amazing life in Mt. Washington Valley:

The dog and I stretched our legs at early sun-up, my wife and beautiful babes slumber in the midst of morning dreams. I survey the skies of questionable weather after rain drummed the tin roof all night and filled the rusty wheelbarrow in the yard. My animal responses awake.

"If the rain cometh in dark skies after my day in the office, and my son's Little League game is postponed relieving me of coaching duties, I will have a window of time to dance upon the rising and angry waters in my kayak, king of the waves who will surf to freedom until the sun shall bow for the evening. I must act now, for he who hesitates is lost. To the Man-Van I say!"

(My Trunk: Maya's kite, football aka pigskin, Eli's baseball bat, bag of gloves and batting practice balls, paddling bag with cold water gear, helmet, PFD, bag of running gear to get in my Dean Karnazes two miles per day).

While the rain did not cancel my son's baseball game, I was prepared and will remain forever vigilant to leap at waves, climb tall mountains, drop a line for the Lake Trout of the season -- breathe deeply and selfishly at my treasured surroundings.  In Mt. Washington Valley adventure awaits and can provide the penitent with all the riches one can dream.

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Specializing in lakeside and mountainside homes for sale not only as a career but also a lifestyle. A former raft guide and mountain climber, Mt. Washington Valley has provided a brilliant setting to work, play, and raise a family since 2000. This New Hampshire land provides quiet pockets of wilderness while Conway, North Conway, Bartlett, and Jackson real estate provide comfort as well as convenience. Healthy retirement in New Hampshire is too important for casual approaches -- contact





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