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5 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal, for FREE!

For the second weekend in a row, I've been outside in my yard trying to spruce up the house and get rid of any traces of the winter. After a trip to the grocery store yesterday, I pulled in to the driveway and was pleasantly surprised about how great the house looked. The cost? FREE. Here's a list of things I did, that you can do this weekend to quickly improve the curb appeal of your home. This could attract drive by buyers!

-          Rake. This was probably the biggest bang for my buck. While it took a few hours, my lawn is now free of several hundred pinecones, leaves and small branches that fell off this winter. It looks kept up and tidy. All of that debris kind of made the house look like no one lived there!

-          Give it a rinse. I changed the nozzle setting on the hose and went around the house spraying down any spiderwebs, pine needles and excess dirt that had collected.

-          Add in a little elbow grease. I took an old sponge and scrubbed the porch railings and the doors of the house, since it was looking a little dingy. The result was a bright and clean entrance to the house. You could also do this to your garage doors.

-          Stir it up. Rather than buy MORE mulch this year, I decided to get my hands dirty! I cleaned out any debris that had accumulated, and then used a metal rake to stir up the existing mulch, making it look fresh and new, instead of flattened and unkempt.

-          Sweep. This one wasn't entirely done by me. (Okay, fine, I didn't do it at all, thanks Dad!) My father came down with a leaf blower and blew all of the sand off the driveway from the winter. This could have been done with an outdoor broom as well. If your driveway isn't paved, you can spend some time sweeping any dirt that found its way into your grass back where it belongs.


If your house is on the market, be sure to call your Realtor when you are finished to get some new and improved exterior photos! If it isn't the market, but you've been thinking that you might be ready to make a change, we have tons more tips that can help you get prepared to put your house on the market, just ask! Happy Spring!


P.S. Are you thinking, wait Emily don't you have two kids? How did you get all of that work done? Simple. A project with Daddy for one, and a highchair and Cheerios for the other!