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Has spring really sprung?

I'd like to take a second to discuss what everyone else has been discussing, this amazing weather! While quite unexpected, these beautiful days and mild nights have been so welcome for this non-skier (shh!). I spent all weekend outside with my kids, and got a taste of what this summer will bring. We decided to take a trip to Schouler Park on Sunday, and maybe it was the weather or maybe it was the Blue Moon I had at Horsefeathers, but my body was tingling with excitement and appreciation for this great town. After about an hour playing at the park, we were all pretty hot and hungry, so we decided to grab a bite to eat and cool off inside for a few minutes. We walked the short walk from the park up the street to Horsefeathers, and I took the opportunity to glance around. I saw a group of college aged kids tossing around a football in the park, a young couple playing with their dog, a small band shaking tambourines and beating on hand drums without a care in the world outside of The Met, families in and out of Zeb's opening their favorite childhood candy...there was this buzz in the air that only comes with those first few glorious spring days. The days when everyone is happy and high on Vitamin D, and when it isn't hot enough yet to be uncomfortable. It can be so easy to just ignore all of this as I pass by in my car every day on the way to work, so to have this opportunity to slow down and remember North Conway as I saw it when I was a kid was good for my soul! Sound amazing? Are you ready to take a look for yourself? I urge you to spend a spring day walking around North Conway Village and just take it all in.

With ski season finishing up this weekend, it is easy to start thinking about summer and your summer plans. I know this year I plan on spending a lot of time at my family's private beach on the Saco! Have you always wanted a waterfront property to call your own? Could this be the summer that you finally take the leap? Check out what Joy has to say about Conway Lake and contact us today to take a look. It is only March, you still have a couple of months to find your dream waterfront home and still be able to move in and enjoy it this summer! Or do you find yourself already aching for next ski season? We still have slopeside inventory, and the time to buy is now!


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