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JtRealty Real Estate AgentsWe take our enthusiasm and inject it into all that we do, including finding and training the best agents in the Valley. JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside is ready to take the region to the next level in technology and service with our soon-to-be paperless office. Our team members share the same vision in making buying or selling real estate as simple as buying a latte.

Do you have what it takes?

It’s a common misconception that Real Estate Agents need to be salespeople that won’t take no for an answer. Not here. We think that in order to be amazing, you need the following:

  • Desire. This makes you go the extra step and really stand out.
  • Honesty and integrity. You’ve gotta be able to sleep at night.
  • Great follow through. You say you’re gonna do it, you better do it. This simple trait alone will impress more people than you think.
  • Organization. Buyers, sellers, agents, closings, new listings, it’s what keeps it exciting! We have systems to keep you efficient and on target.
  • The ability to listen. Top producers aren’t pushy. They have the ability to shut up, listen, and deliver the product and service that their clients want. Your job is to educate clients and help them make good decisions.
  • 6 Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent (video)
    Becoming a real estate agent involves a combination of education, researching a broker who can help you get started, and passing your state exam to receive a license.  Here, we’ll show you the main steps to get going.

JtRealty Agents

Notice that nowhere on this list is “experience”. The JtRealty challenge is to find individuals who have the best qualities and then train them with our “hold your hand every step of the way” training program. A small investment of time and money can lead you to a very rewarding and successful real estate career at JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside.

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